Technical information

Vectors :

In order to produce a high-quality digital copy, which can be used in the fields of paper printing, computer publishing and electronic education. We had to use advanced computer methods to achieve this goal, which is why we found that computer graphics using vector technology was the best solution to achieve this goal.
Vectors are a kind of high-resolution graphic for computer use, and we use highly efficient editing programs such as AdobeIllustrator and CorelDraw. Drawing in this way differs from drawing with a pen or brush, as we find, for example, in AdobePhotoshop.
This talk leads us to know the difference between Raster and Vectors. Raster depends mainly on the composing points of the image measured in pixels, noting that image distortion occurs when enlarging a specific point in it; Due to enlarging the size of the points forming the image, thus the image efficiency factor will not be achieved significantly.
While drawing vector depends mainly on the directions of the image according to the drawing axes (X, Y), and this technique is used in Flash design programs, Adobe illustrator, CorelDraw and others. So that if we zoom in to any particular point of the image, it maintains its resolution without any problems.
This is what makes us repeat the talk of the main goal on which the project was built, which is to produce a high-quality and efficient digital copy to serve the Holy Quran in a satisfactory and desired manner.

Processing files :

In order to be able to benefit from the files in the right way, you must have basic information in computer drawing programs, especially with regard to generating image sizes based on vector. We recommend highly efficient and hassle-free vector editing software, such as Adobe Illustrator.

Types of files are available for download :

The King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Holy Quran provides the digital version (currently available), namely:
– Vector AI files.

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